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Female Libido


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Vigorelle Reviews

About Vigorelle

It is surprising, but 46% of American women report that they experienced little or no satisfaction in their sex life, and a large majority had difficulty getting an orgasm. Most couples felt emotionally closer if they had a fulfilling physical connection, and had better chances of successful relationships. On the other hand sexually distant partners were more prone to feel lonely or blameworthy.

Vigorelle is a herbal topical application created by Advanced Botanicals for women, to enhance female libido. It works best for today's multitasking women, overburdened by several responsibilities, with little time and energy for themselves and their sexual fulfillment. The product comes in a compact pump vial, extremely convenient for today's fast paced woman. Furthermore, it is edible and contains non-toxic substances which impart a smooth and agreeable flavor to it.

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How The Product Works?

Most women experience a lack of sex drive due to several factors including vaginal dryness, loss of body's natural lubrication, psychological dysfunction, low self-esteem, side-effects from medications, stressful situations and chronic disease.  Vigorelle for local application, is designed to work best in these challenging situations by enhancing female libido, energizing sexual passion, magnifying every sensation and intensifying every orgasm.

Vigorelle contains L-Arginine HCl, an amino acid which enlarges blood vessels and boosts blood circulation. The nitric oxide formed after local application helps blood vessels widen and increases supply of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. Another ingredient, Gingko Biloba helps retain moisture in the superficial skin layers, reduces irritation and acts as a natural anti-biotic and cleansing agent.

Among ingredients that work with hormones and sexual arousal are wild yam, which restores sex hormone balance in women and increases fertility, Damiana leaf which restores progesterone levels in women for greater sexual drive and alleviates vaginal dryness and Suma root which promotes homeostasis in the natural hormonal and defense mechanisms of the human body thereby increasing androgens and estrogens.

Peppermint for effective absorption, lubrication and relaxation. The Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin A, C and E complexes acts as an antioxidant, and promotes restoration of flaccid tissue.

The containing of naturally available herbs, essential nutrients and ingredients that create arousal. Vigorelle is activated by touch and creates more responsiveness, sensitivity and energy in women. The herbal blend in the bottle targets 'pleasure centers' in women making them more receptive to their partner. It is also a perfectly pH-balanced, non-greasy formula that is compatible with condoms, easily reactivated in the presence of natural body fluids and washes off effortlessly.

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Is The Product Safe?

Vigorelle is completely safe with a track record of no reported adverse side effects. The product was launched after careful review and assessment by qualified naturopaths who selectively blended the right proportion of essential herbs for greater sexual delight, which does not require any prescription and ensures 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The product is free from damaging chemicals, artificial colors, aromas or preservatives, known to wreak havoc with the natural functioning of essential human systems, especially the endocrine and central nervous systems. It contains organic ingredients that balance a woman's hormonal activity.

Every woman is made unique, and Vigorelle acts according to a woman's body constitution, thus catering to her changing needs.

Where To Buy Vigorelle?

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Vigorelle Libido Enhancer
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