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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Lyriana Reviews

About Lyriana

Lyriana is what every woman could wish for in terms of re-awaking her libido and regaining her sexual desire. If you are one of the 63 % of the American women over 40 years of age affected by the loss of sexual desire in the relationship with their partners, then it is time to solve your low libido issues and rekindle the flames of passion.

The low libido and the loss of sexual desire can have numerous causes, from menopause, stress and pregnancy to hormonal changes, depression or medication side effects. It may appear suddenly or in time, from one person to another.

Considering the importance of the physical relations in any marriage, it is understandable why so many women are desperately looking for solutions, and everything points to the conclusion that these pills are the best solution, the key to their happiness in bed and within their marriages.

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How The Product Works?

Lyriana was developed after years of research and clinical tests, by reproductive health experts, with the purpose to isolate and control the biological activator that influences female arousal.

Dopamine is one of the most powerful neurotransmitters, managing many functions and actions of your organism, including your libido. As the Dopamin levels start to fall, your libido decreases too.

The pills address this situation by supplying your organism with a well calculated dose of L-Dopa, a precursor to Dopamine, thus increasing your desire, your ability to relax and give in to your senses. Here is how the treatment works in order to solve the three main problems of the low libido in women.

•   Diminished sensitivity is a problem experienced by many women who, in time, cease to feel the pleasure that sexual intercourse usually produces. The pills increase the blood flow in the genital area, increasing sexual arousal and stimulating natural lubrication.

•   Especially when approaching menopause, many women are affected by fluctuations of their hormone levels. The ingredients of these pills level the amount of estrogen, one of the most important hormones in the female body, restoring sexual appetite.

•   The product also acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. The phytochemicals that it incorporates stimulate the organism to produce the hormones associates with sexual desire.

And these are just a few of the reasons why these pills are considered the best female libido enhancer on the market.

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Is The Product Safe?

Lyriana pills are not only safe, they are 100 % natural. The formula is based on ingredients like L-Arginine, Maca, Yohimbine Extract, Damiana and Epimedium, none of them having side effects and all of them complying with the GRAS and FDA safety requirements.

They were subject to numerous tests and clinical trials, meeting pharmaceutical standards (every bottle has the expiration date and the lot number marked on it) and having Analysis Certificates to conform their safety, freshness and efficiency.

To sum up, women no longer have to accept their low libido and let it diminish the quality of their life, they can take simple, efficient and safe measures - the Lyriana pills.

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