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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Libido Enhancement In Older Women

5 Ways To Improve Libido In Older Women

The physical, mental and emotional well-being of women is dependent on a normal sexual drive or female libido. When women age naturally, they encounter a menopausal phase when multiple hormonal changes cause their libido to decline significantly. However, psychotherapy or counseling, diet modification or essential medication might regenerate lost sexual drive in most cases. Several options available for enhancing female libido and older women must choose the most suitable alternative based on careful consideration of pros and cons.

•   Hormone Replacement Therapy – Hormone replacement therapy works by replenishing female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone in ageing women. A physician must be consulted to understand possible risks or side-effects. Besides, women must provide enough information about their medical history and illnesses to ensure that their physician is able to advise them correctly.

•   Loss of Libido in Your Partner – Sometimes, older woman tend to lose their sexual drive due to lack of sexual inclination in their partner. Usually when the lack of male sexual desire is treated, women get motivated instinctively and experience rising female libido levels.

•   Additional Nutrition – Ageing women must be more methodical and particular about eating the right kind of foods. Bananas for example contain vitamin B which makes women feel more energetic. Ginger, nutmeg and clove are proven boosters for sex drive in women. Ginger works by enhancing blood circulation to the genital area. Nutmeg and clove relax a woman's body by working on the parasympathetic nervous system.  This results in enhanced female libido and greater sexual satisfaction.

•   Physician Advice – Many times, home remedies might not work out well if the real cause of loss in female libido is deep rooted. A brief consultation with a physician might untangle issues that would refuse to surface easily. Women in their postmenopausal periods are frequently overloaded with stress, anxiety and worry. They might experience weird symptoms including hot flushes and mood swings. Women at this stage in their lives usually suffer financially. Chronic diseases tend to reach a mature stage in the post menopausal phase and women might not be able to tackle these issues single handedly.

In such cases, medication, as prescribed by a physician might temporarily alleviate emotional trauma and help women recover physically, mentally and emotionally.

•   Perception of Sex – Every woman undergoes a different set of life experiences and hence perceptions are formed based on what a woman encounters. Perceptions might be both negative and positive depending on situations, people, beliefs and cultures.  Similar to all experiences, women tend to associate a negative or a positive tag to their sexual life and sexual encounters.

As an example, if a woman believes or was conditioned into believing that the purpose of sex was to have kids, she is likely to lose interest in sex once her biological clock crosses menopause. This might manifest itself as loss of female libido. Contrary to this, a woman whose mind is conditioned to believe that sex is a healthy part of life might not suffer from amplified effects of menopause and might still engage in a fulfilling sexual encounter.




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  Treatments For Low Libido In Women

  5 Ways To Improve Libido In Older Women

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Libido Enhancement In Older Women

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